Build a Successful Solopreneur Venture in Just 3 Days

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February 22, 2021

Does the idea of building a business of your very own sound tantalizing, but you just aren’t sure where to begin? It’s easier than you might think. In fact, in just three days and a handful of steps, you can get your solopreneurial venture off the ground. Here’s how:


Begin With Basics on Day One


There are a handful of business basics you need to cover on your first day. These essentials will help to ensure you’re ready for your first customer. They will also help to ensure that you have a solid foundation in all ways — legally, personally and professionally.

  • You know you want to become a solopreneur, and while desire and determination are keys to success, you should also identify other characteristics you bring to the table.

  • Look at your location and how that might affect your target audience.

  • Run some tests to ensure your business idea makes sense for your target market and location. 

  • If you determine your idea is a dud, don’t give up your dream; there are plenty of trending concepts out there. Find something that fits your interests and audience. 

  • Choose a business structure that makes sense for you. An LLC is a smart option for many solopreneurs, thanks to the asset protection, tax advantages and scalability it provides. 

  • Build a practical budget; there are methods for forecasting both your income and expenses for the first year. 

  • Your budget and projections will be essential building blocks in your business plan, and in turn, your business plan will help you set practical goals and identify how to reach them.

  • Your formalized business plan can play a pivotal role in securing funding for your venture; if you need seed money, look to loans and grants to fill gaps. 


Secure Your First Customer on Day Two


Your first day was a full one, and now the rubber hits the road! Identify what tools and strategies you need to land your first customer. This includes looking beyond your product or service and identifying who that customer is and how to meet their needs.

  • If yours is like most new businesses, you have a tight budget for marketing. However, marketing is a must-have. You’ll need to prioritize your limited funds. 

  • To make sure you don’t waste a single penny, get more familiar with your ideal customer.

  • Ensure customers know exactly where to find you by creating an attractive and user-friendly website. 

  • Some forms of outreach cost little to nothing, like social media. Select platforms that make sense for your venture and get the word out.

  • Email marketing tools are an inexpensive way to boost your audience. 

  • Blogging can be a great way to engage your audience, but takes a little time to build. Focus on comment marketing for a jumpstart. 

  • Join local business organizations for organic outreach opportunities. 


Spur Growth on Day Three


You’ve covered your business basics and secured your first customer. Now it’s time to pave the way for growth. A few smart strategies and well-chosen tools are the keys you need.

  • Word of mouth is probably the oldest way to grow your company, and also one of the best. Make sure your customers are pleased with your products and services so you can put this time-tested method into practice.

  • Determine how you will collect feedback from your customers, and be prepared to respond to their feedback appropriately.

  • Add some of their testimonials to your website. It’s a great way to show that your customers’ opinions are valued, and it provides authenticity to prospective customers.

  • Provide engaging and pertinent content on your website that will keep customers coming back for more. This could come in the form of a blog, newsletter, vlog and so forth. 

  • Another way to keep your customers engaged is to offer them extra value. Coupons, giveaways and contests can keep their interest in your business furtive.

  • Your chamber of commerce is loaded with pivotal opportunities to learn, network and plug into your community. Be sure to maximize the potential of this important resource. 


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